Monday, 7 April 2014

Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror Excerpt

In light of all the encouragement for my next book from this past weekend and last week's post on music and Detective Docherty, I decided to share an excerpt from my current work in progress partially inspired by the above song. Keep in mind this is a rough draft and is subject to serious errors and change due to my lack of grammar, hah! 

Here's a taste:

"Alex ran, not fast and not well, but she ran with all she had left. She cried wildly and stumbled multiple times. Onlookers who stopped and stared only frightened her more. Their faces contorted into the faces of ghouls and monsters, pressing her onward. There was nothing and nowhere safe. Her fragile hold on sanity these last few months was gone and now she ran from Ares as she ran from herself.
Somehow time passed into the hours of early morning. Whether she had gotten on a bus or a street car, she was unsure. Had she walked here? Alex walked-jogged with the enthusiasm of a zombie down the Danforth, but finally made it to the parking lot behind A Taste of India. Her shaking hands grasped for the metal door handle to the stairwell.
Mrow,” came the gargled voice of Admiral Bently. Without thought Alex bent down and picked up the black cat, cradling him into her arms. Once she held his purring-softness, a shallow calm settled over her. The stairwell was empty and her slow steps echoed as she made her way to the second floor. She let go a sigh of relief as the door opened to reveal an empty office. Bently continued to purr heavily against her aching heart as they made their way to the corner chair. Maybe here she would be safe.
Fumbling with the distorted blindness of someone trying to survive a trauma, Alex collapsed into the old chair and pulled the quilted blanket over herself and Bently. The cat readjusted himself and lay against her uncomplaining. A false sense of security slowly encased her while she wept silently into the dawn; mourning the person she had been only a few hours ago." 

Hope you enjoy and sorry for the tease! 


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